Me and my boys wearing total denim looks on this street style shot. Each one of us in a different way and with a different choice of color. The great thing about these outfits and about denim in general is its versatility. You can easily mix up any kind of denim (blue-black, grey-blue, black-grey) and add different materials, like leather or wool. But what makes denim the most practical invention in fashion history? The answer is simple. It can be worn any time at any place. My passion for denim started by the time i worked for italian brand Diesel. That’s where i learned about the history of the cotton fabric and started to understand how jeans influence our daily life. And as fashion is also about understanding what you wear and where it comes from, i will give you a little fact about the product we almost use on a daily basis:

The trade of jean fabric emerged first in the city of Nîmes in France during the 17th century. “De Nîmes” meaning “from Nîmes” gave the denim its original name. The art of making jeans as we know them today has been founded 1873 in America by Levi Strauss, where he produced extremely strong and durable clothes for gold mine workers. 

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Jean-Claude Mpassy

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