What I Wear


White Pattern

Lots of y’all might think about the famous onesies when hearing about Onepiece. Fair enough! But honestly, the norwegian brand offers something way more suitable for me: Patterned tops and bottoms! It was about a year ago when I started to fall in love with these styles. Today that same love makes be pull off…

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I recently had a discussion about the definition of “Lifestyle” with a friend of mine. Definitely not easy to define but after ripping the word apart we ended up with the conclusion that it’s basically anything that makes our life more stylish. May it be cars, fashion, nice hotels or, like in this case, drinks. But…

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Honestly, who would have thought that you could find a place in Vienna that gives you the brief feeling of standing in the middle of a desert state. An endless view with sunshine and a warm breeze blowing. It couldn’t get much better… Now back to reality! This is not Nevada. In fact we climbed the rooftop of Austrias biggest Shopping Mall (known as SCS)…

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Streetstyle London wearing Tommy Hilfiger Leather Biker Jacket


Believe it or not, It has been my first time ever in London and I have to admit that I chose quite a good time to do it: London Collections Men! That’s where the crazy menswear fashion week circus begins. The city is known for pushing young designers, but is also the proud home of…

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Street Style Wien


Style is about expressing individualism and it obviously needs a good amount of charisma in addition to be perfected! One of the main things that I started to evolve over the past years is a certain curiosity while approaching new clothes. So no doubt that seeing and touching new materials and designs is like heaven…

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Sweat the look… Almost forgot how comfortable it is to walk around and wear nothing but sweat clothes. Fortunately my Onepiece family always reminds of bringing back that sporty side in me from time to time. You see me wearing the Rewind pants and the Monaco college jacket from their current FW15 collection. Just added…

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Delikatessen Coat


Time to present you guys one of my favorite combos these days: Hooded sweater, wool coat and some ripped jeans. Probably the easiest way to keep yourself warm, comfy and stylish these days. Huge thanks to the lovely Sophie from  WE BANDITS at this point. She not only introduced me to the dutch brand Delikatessen with this coat, but also gave it to…

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Keeping your mind focused and motivated is essential if you work in the fashion industry. It’s about finding inspiration to achieve your personal goals. And when it comes to menswear and style, there are different methods and avenues you can go down to find the inspiration and motivation you need. Besides reading magazines like GQ,…

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