Valentines Day is just around the corner and i thought about presenting you some of my home decor pieces to help you find the right gift for your loved ones. I have always loved the bauty in fashion, art and photography. Magazines and of course books are a great source of inspiration therfor. These are my current favorites: The Polaroid Book, Banksy’s You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat and Pretty Much Everything, probably one of the best photography books out there! 

But being a visual person means to not only prefer images, colors and structures to text, but also smells, tastes and emotions. In terms of smells the austrian retailer Jones seems to play their cards right. The recent launch of a Jones Home Collecion dragged me into one of their stores for the first time, where i grabbed a whole load of perumed candles to try them out at home. I have to admit that they smell pretty nice, especially the one with the oriental odor. If you are curious to try them out as well, just check out my Instagram or Facebook for a little Valentine’s Day competition.

Jean-Claude Mpassy

Jean-Claude Mpassy

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