Go ahead and throw on a tie. That’s what i tell myself from time to time. Its not a big deal, but as we know the small things are the point when it comes to fashion. So whether you like to keep it classy, casual or business, here are some hard facts why it’s still cool to wear a tie: 

A tie will get you a lot of complinents. It’s the first thing peoole notice when they see you: “Nice tie!” That’s what they always say. Their eyes can’t help but wander there. That makes a tie to the counterpart of a woman’s decolleté. It’s a secret weapon! A tie is also timeless and transformable. There is one for every occasion. So even if your are not into dressing up like a banker or a lawyer, you can still integrate it into your daily wardrobe. Therefor just stick with a slim cool-guy-tie, just as i do. It also goes well with any kind of leather or bomber jacket. 

Another important aspect is to use the power of presentation that a tie possesses. It can upgrade your first impression, help you to control your image and even improve your relationships at the end of a day. Last but not least… A tie looks sharp and wearing it let’s you practice overdressing. A great exercise to step out of your comfy zone from time to time. So courage yourself to be the best dressed man in the room. Your ego appreciates it! 

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Jean-Claude Mpassy

Jean-Claude Mpassy

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