I truely believe and often say that creativity is boundless and makes the big difference when it comes to successful entrepreneurship. Especially in fashion, where the supply chain includes development, design, merchandising and other divisions. Even bloggers play a major role in this chain as we tend to have a special approach to fashion. 

But where is the creative point in fashion blogging? For me it’s basically the love of creating outfits based on my moods that inspire people. Besides a good taste, it’s always a question of knowing your silhouette and what suits you well… So let’s take this blazer from Strellson to show you my thoughts on styling it. 

Of course lilac matches blue, so no hard decision at this point. The tricky point is to create balance within this outfit. That’s why i chose the wide leg Antony Morato trousers as matching counterpart to the slim fitted blazer. The long tee is kind of characteristic to me and is always a good choice if you tend to have long legs. I prefer the ones from Rockamora. They give a casual and cool touch to any classic outfit. The right choice of shoes and details is very important at the end. The camo printed boots and the pocket handkerchief make this look unique and exciting, because they are far from average. For those of you having interest in my watch… It’s from Triwa, an independent watch and accessory brand from Sweden.


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Jean-Claude Mpassy

Jean-Claude Mpassy

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