You have seen this outfit in an earlier post a couple of weeks ago. This time i present you some details of it and tell you how to take the blue cotton fabric a step further by celebrating the triple denim look. Basically it’s pretty easy. Just grab a nice pair of jeans, a shirt and a jacket and put them together. But to make sure that your on the safe side of style, i will give you some helpfull advices on how to perfectly combine three denim pieces at once: First of all you will always make the right choice by combining denim pieces of similar color. A total washed out denim look is a s cool as a dark and raw one. If you like to mix light and dark highlights, just make sure that your trousers have the lightest denim tone of all your garment. Last but not least… Always remember that the denim uniform stands for itself, so keep your shoegame simple and walk your way with a some white sneakers or dark colored boots.


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