The only thing that changes faster than technology is fashion. Combining those fast-paced industries causes a lot of discussions on the usefulness of certain products. The best example therefore is the smartwatch. Everybody knows it but almost nobody is encouraged enough to use it. But things start to change as the developers of high-tech watches also start to think about the fashionable aspects during their design processes.  My crew and I made a little video to proof the stylish development of the industry, focusing on Samsung’s Gear S2 and the matching Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016). Both coming up with an extremely clean and minimalistic design, which makes it easy to style and combine. Also receiving calls, checking the schedule or mails by a look on your wrist is unexpectedly cool and a benefit that I didn’t expect to be that precious. Cause as we all know – Time is money!

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Jean-Claude Mpassy

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